A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


Not quite up with the Lark but we did have a coffee in Larkhall this morning.
John took Eda to Pre school on his bike, which she loved, and brought back pastries which we ate sitting outside. Another second breakfast for Jude! Extra
John is in holiday all week, they should have been in Brittany but decided against it. So as a treat they had booked Clifton Lido for a morning swim and then lunch. John’s mum was originally looking after Jude but we stepped in when she wasn’t well so we’ve had her to ourselves today.

Having had pastries it was a bit to early for lunch down in Larkhall and the French cafe is closed on a Monday so that spared Jude from another croissant - she loves them. Ut was very content with the grapes I had taken for her. We had a coffee in The Shed sitting outside ( it’s a bar in the evening apparently) and bought some deli goodies to take back for later. Not sure what Chris is looking at but I liked this one of Jude offering me her cup. She’s really easy and happy. We walked back via Alice Park and shared the pushing back up the hill.

We left mid afternoon after Grace and John got back and whilst Jude was napping. I shall miss them both and I’m sure Jude will have changed again when we come back for her birthday next month. She was just starting to crawl when I arrived last week but didn’t go far, I noticed today she was crawling further and faster I’m sure she will at least be standing in 5 weeks time, who knows what else.
Bye for now!

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