By CleanSteve

Bomble – Rest in Peace

I knew that today would be a Blip anniversary with a large number, and I hadn’t been sure what to choose as a subject. Now the anniversary has arrived and I’m afraid to say that it has become a very sad day for us. 

Bomble, our beloved Bombay cat, died this morning after his progressive deterioration in health came to a life threatening stage. I brought him back from the vet laid in a blanket and cried. We’ll bury him in the garden near where I sat on the grass with him this morning, before I took him to the vet. 

I knew then that I’d feature him in my blip today, and so I looked through some of the many photos I’ve taken of him over the years since we ‘rescued’ him aged three in 2006. It turns out that his ‘chip’ recorded him as being born on 8th August 2003. As soon as I saw this old picture again, I remembered the moment when I took it, playing with new camera gear at the time, whilst lying on the floor with him in the dining room in what turned out to be a portrait of the two of us. I first blipped a picture from this sequence on 19th August 2011. In that blip I wrote about how it had come to pass so so do have a look at my blip from that day.

Bomble has been a huge part of our lives together and there is now a very large hole looming. I can’t write any more now.

Helena has said much more about the day, and what Bomble has meant to her, on her 'Woodpeckers' journal here.

..... and Tanya, one of Helena's sisters posted this lovely picture of Bomble and I. Thank you Tanya. I'd totally forgotten about it. :-))

Rest in Peace, Bomble – our very special friend.

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