One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Liz me aul flower

Liz loved wild flowers all her life. And it's been a reciprocal thing in after life. 

Today was a bit of a non-day. Struggled through work from home. Barely went outside, I was not up to a dip in the Oirish Sea. Went for a wee shuffle around the Deansgrange cemetery. Did not bump into Don-t-blip-me-Maeve's mum battling with the weed. The overgrown tombs of the cemetery are the subject of a lively if acrimonious debate on the most popular Dun Laoghaire community Farcepuke page. 
I am more philosophical about this sort of thing. One cannot win the long game against nature. The weed will always win in the end. 

Look at Tchernobyl. Or Angkor Wat. 

That's what I tell Mrs Raheny whenever she starts giving out about the weed given free reign of the back garden.

I wish she were more philosophical about things at times... 

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