Running to Keep Up (TT325)

I may have mentioned that I am no gardener, but I am married to one.

Gill's bean wigwam is going great guns this year and has produced a good crop of green and runner beans.  My blip is one of the runner bean flowers, in the extra, today's harvest.

For those who know about this sort of thing: the wigwam is on a square raised bed, about 1metre on a side and about 2.5metres tall. It is in our front garden so in sunshine from around 09:00 to sunset.

If you are coming to the Charlecote blip meet on Saturday there may well be a few give-away-bags going :-)

In other news, I had my first proper yoga session this afternoon, only me and the tutor so more of a personal session and my leg muscles had quite a lot to say about it later on.  I damaged my back in a road accident ~40 years ago so I'm aiming to maintain and hopefully increase flexibility and core muscle strength. My preferred exercise is cycling, but it does not do much for the upper body and tends to focus on quads and heart/lungs.  Consequently, downward dog stretches muscles more than they are used to!

Thanks to H0tamer for hosting tiny Tuesday.

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