Chesterton Windmill (Widwed180821)

After last week's debacle with getting the theme wrong I thought I would just go for the obvious this week and ensure I had something suitable for wide angle photography and historical.

So: Chesterton Windmill it is!
I had thought of leaving it until sunset but the clouds near home were looking picturesque so we went up early and were glad we did.  When we arrived at about 7:15 there was one other car in the lay-by when we left 25 minutes later there were six or seven.  The cloud was moving it too - particularly over the South West horizon so it would have been difficult to get something with few people in the shot and a good sky.

In my main blip I have left the people in as I think they add a little scale and don't detract too much from the rest of the image.  Chesterton is popular with anyone wanting to watch the sunset so in any event, this is likely to be what you would see on an evening visit.  An alternative in the extra with everyone content aware filled out.

I had a 0.6 grad on the camera to control the sky highlights and had a try with PhotoShop's select sky to put a gentle curves layer on it too.
Without the grad, the grass looked quite dark.

Better in large and in the extra you can see the sails need a repaint. I doubt there was much maintenance done over the past 18 months.

Edit: tagged for climate change as an example of 'what goes around, comes around' alternatively: something functional, can also be made to look good too.

A little history here

Thanks to Rock Area for hosting.

A serious looking Ariadne in our daughter's blip :-)

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