Corvid Fiesta

By CorvidFiesta


Today is the Inglorious Twelfth when lazy ‘brave’ people with guns can begin to slaughter Red Grouse at the expense of most other wildlife. I think driven Grouse shooting should be banned and all estates licensed at the very least.
We went for a walk from the campsite in Tarland up the Graham of Pressendye. The weather started off bright but gradually clouded in with a light shower towards the end. The walk also gave us great views of Morven that we had been up earlier in the week. As the weather changed through the walk I have made up a collage of different views. There is a panorama of Lochnagar (see yesterday’s blip) and Morven, the hill over flowers, with heather as we went up the hill and finally over grassland with a stormy sky behind.
Best on black.
Today’s entry on the Abstract Fiesta journal is a tree trunk

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