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Happy World Photography Day!

For blippers it’s “Photography Day” every day, but today is a great opportunity to celebrate this fantastic medium that has changed our lives.

Our ability to record a moment in time in print and more recently in electronic form has arguably been one of our most significant inventions and touches our lives every single day.

Whether we are recording world events, our children growing up, family gatherings or an historical record, photography is now accessible to so many more people than during those early days.

There are many places on the internet where you can read about how Louis Daguerre created and experimenting with photography. After combining chemicals and silver plates, he came up with the daguerreotype process and patented it in 1839 as a “gift to the world”.

Although it was our love of photography that brought many of us to Blipfoto, we’re pretty sure that it’s not the main reason we are all still here. Through the ups and downs or our daily lives, Blipfoto has been a little haven where we can save our daily photo and see a snapshot of everyone else’s day.

We have thought of a few ways we can all celebrate World Photography Day together:

Leave a comment
Some of us just show our appreciation with stars and hearts, but if you’re usually quiet why not leave a few comments on the photos you like.
They’re always well received!

Follow someone new
Visit our new blippers page here and make sure you say hello.

Use up all your favourites
Share the love!
Everyone on Blipfoto can give one favourite a day, but full members can give up to five. 

Tell a friend about Blipfoto and encourage them to start their 365 project
If you have a photography friend who is not a blipper, why not share the secret. You may just change their lives!

Join our latest Community Challenge
If you haven't seen our BCIntroduce Challenge already you will find all the details here and remember it's just for fun!

Tag today’s entry #BCSplash
We're always on the lookout for eye-catching images to be included on our Facebook and Twitter headers as well as here on the community blog.
Pick out a photo that would make an appealing first impression to visitors and add the tag #BCsplash.

Be Excellent and most importantly have fun and enjoy your photography!

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