The Singer family lived here

Now sadly empty & neglected.
Told Mum to keep her front windows closed, & only to open the windows at the back of the bungalow, as someone was disturbed climbing into a downstairs bedroom window when the a teenage boy was in bed two mornings ago. Indie would no doubt be a deterrent, as she barks at everyone that walks past on the pavement outside the front wall of the bungalow, & will make a lot of noise if anyone walks along outside the hedge at the rear, BUT if Suzanne or I have taken her out for her walk then it leaves Mum a bit vulnerable. I don't want to scare her but better to err on the side of caution. Right, now out with the dog. We had our usual walk across Knighton heath, did'nt see a soul. The blackberries are colouring up nicely.
Back to base after a coffee, Mum & I are off to Occombe Farm Shop, a new development that Josie has been involved in buying product for, & Sandy has joined after leaving Paignton Zoo. It's a very smart set up, a very tempting range of foods & giftware. A soft opening by invite. Sorting any teething problems before they officially open to the public on Monday. The eventual set up will have a huge play barn for kids, plus animals. Another  "Destination centre", so popular these days. We enjoyed our mooch, saw both maids, then headed off for a detour around the bay on our way home. We actually drove past Oldway Mansion, then I thought it would fit the brief for RockArea's Wide Wednesday #History. The registry office was in this building when the Torbay Council operated from the building. Hubby & I were witnesses at our neighbours wedding here, plus it's where Mum & I had to come to register Dad's death. So sad to see it falling into disrepair, windows have been boarded up since my last visit. I'm actually surprised it has'nt been vandalised. I only spotted one ghost cruise ship on the bay as we drove through.
I dropped Mum off then back home to Chudleigh.

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