Fixing ‘E’s’ new office chair

Met S for coffee early on the terrace (16/17C) at the new hotel. All a little shambolic today. Builders everywhere.

Waiter brought the beverage - and food menu. We hadn’t planned to eat, but fancied the guacamole. We ordered only to be told there was no food available as they were busy transitioning from breakfast to lunch. Peered into the kitchen and it was full of builders!

Coffees sent back. Mine far too strong, friend’s too weak. When Mr B joined us (the Manager made the flat white and it was a whole lot better.

Well they have only been open 6 days :)

Back home and Mr B kindly made schnitzel for E upstairs. Enough to feed an army. As I expected he polished them all off - AND - is now having dinner on a harbour cruise!

Hubby then fixed E’s new desk chair. He had assembled it badly - he should have listened - I said we’d do it. Took a long time to sort, but now perfect. My blip is ‘intentional movement’, for Ingeborg’s Abstract Thursday challenge, while Mr B fixes the chair.

Supposed to be a good view of Jupiter tonight (update: it wasn’t - obscured by clouds when I looked). Shall have a look on the balcony (yes the lilies are still out there).

Good Night.

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