By Bella888

My view

We’re going to E’s later for the fireworks. His daughter and boyfriend will be there too, also a London couple we met the other day.

Just wasting time catching up with the ongoing disastrous news (Afghanistan). Realised I hadn’t taken any photos today. So this is a somewhat Emergency Blip. Think the TV screen reflecting on the table and glass is quite effective?

Went to the optician for a 6 month follow up (to monitor my early stage cataracts). I asked about having surgery. Not urgent, but am at the stage where my variafocals need updating, Vision can be corrected at the same time. The opthamologist agreed it may be worth going ahead. So now wait for an appointment with the consultant.

Looks dull out. And rain and thunderstorms forecast tomorrow - perhaps another false alarm?

Have a good weekend.

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