Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


Met this little character scampering up a tree near the water south of St Catherine's Hill.  Once out of reach he sat and stared me out.  I love the curl in the tail and that paw clutching ferns.  A good walk, which I took this afternoon, rather than my usual early start, because this morning was given over to much gardening.

What's amusing K and I most in the garden right now are what seems like huge numbers of toadlets.  They love the longer grass near the far end and I do try to be careful where I tread, but as you walk there are explosions of little jumpers bounding out of your way.  I'm trying to blip them, but so far have been entirely unsuccessful.  The first time I saw them - about 2/3 weeks ago - they were the size of my little fingernail.  Now they're approx the length of my thumb from top joint to nail tip.  I've never thought of toads as athletic creatures, but the tiddlers are.

Wishing you a good Friday night and a happy weekend xx

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