By Diarised


The hoglet was out and about exploring the garden. I know they are not meant to be about in the day but he seems fine and mum is still around. We often see them in the day so I think all is okay.

It was a good day. As well as seeing the lovely little hoglet, we watched Exeter beat Bristol Rovers 4-1. We had the first goal within four minutes and the other three all in the first half. Bristol got a bit better in the second half and got one goal back but they did not have a great game. Their fans gave them a lot of stick. A fair few even gave up and left after the third goal!

And despite it really chucking it down at times, the rain held off for us for the duration of the match. We even got some lovely sunshine and I watched it in a T-shirt!

We parked at the Uni to make our way to the ground and I passed these gorgeous berries (extra) as we made our way through the campus. They are such a lovely colour.

I was going to watch Match of the Day as there were also some exciting Premier a league matches but I was too whacked. I recorded it and can catch up with it all on Sunday

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