Dream Catcher...

A Dream catcher, but as I first called it sun catcher (thanks Miranda) not that there is any sun to catch this afternoon. Was hoping for a nice sunset but I don't think it is going to happen. Feeling much, much better today, had the best sleep I have had for weeks....thanks for all those good wishes  I had a couple of long video chats with my son in Oz and Swann6, but just couldn't get connected with D in Lincoln....internet just kept crashing.  I am having trouble with my provider getting transferred with no date still for a re-connection.  I think I will bite the bullet, pay the early termination fee, and use another provider with fibre broadband.
Cooking a leg of pork for my first Sunday roast, I was going to buy  a leg of lamb, but it was £17...!!!!
Happy weekend all..

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