Denzil's occasional Blips

By denzilblount


I purchased my first book in ages the other day. I had recorded an Australian series called Cloudstreet on Sky Atlantic sometime last year (it premiered back in January 2012, but I can't believe it was that long ago when I started watching it!). Charlotte couldn't really get into it and so I watched it whenever I had a moment to myself and wasn't doing anything else - this is why I have only just finished watching the series.

I really enjoyed it. I thought it was brilliantly filmed and the casting was great. Importantly, the story really strong and so when I heard that it has been adapted from a novel by Australian author, Tim Winton, I was keen to read it.

And so here we first book purchase in a long, long time.

It arrived today from Amazon and so became the focus of my Blip. At least, that was the intention until I decided that I would really like a cup of steaming tea in the shot. I then became much more obsessed by lighting the steam coming from the cup than anything else!

The image was snapped using my 50mm prime lens. My Canon 550d perched on a tripod. The room was only lit by lights from adjacent rooms and a lamp (recent purchase from Argos that has featured in my last one two three four Blips) lighting the steam and cup from behind (well, it was supposed to be from behind, but the cord wasn't long enough and so it is a little from the side!). It was taken at ISO3200 with an aperture of f/13 at 1/50 sec. The resulting RAW file was improved a played with a little using Lightroom (exposure, fill light, contrast, and a bit of yellow hue in the shadows).

This is my longest Blip description so far by quite a distance and so I will end here...

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