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By Damnonii

Glorious gifts...

Backblipped 23.08.21

One of the many lovely gifts I received yesterday was this bottle of Tobermoray gin.  It's the first time I've tried it and I have to say, it is absolutely delicious!  (Thanks Gail! :-)) 

Diane brought a large duck (toy, not a real one! :-) for Lola and she loves it as much as I love the gin!  lol!  Although she had chewed the feet from it and nibbled a wing within five minutes of being given it, I am surprised at how robust it is (she normally has toys completely de-stuffed within minutes!)  Well done Diane, on finding something that's proving a bit of a challenge to her!  :-))

Today was spent getting organised for next lot of friends visiting.  

Life is never dull when this lot decend but Sod's law has been in action this week and six (Heather isn't in the photo) were reduced to three, due to childcare issues, covid isolation and having to work.  The rest of us decided to go ahead anyway as it's so long since we've been able to get together, so I prepped dinner for tomorrow and crocheted like mad to get the bed throw for the smaller guest bedroom finished.  

I succeeded!  :-)) 

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