An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Lola looking longingly...

Backblipped 23.08.21

At all the goodies!  Just back from her walk and soaking wet, she was contained till she could shake herself without soaking anyone!

I am relieved to say Afternoon Tea was a great success!  :-))

Ele, Gail, Natalie and I were joined by Gail's sister-in-law Diane, who I haven't seen in six years!  Far too long!  She and her husband have been living and working in Hong Kong and have managed to get home for a few weeks holiday.  They are due to return home permanently next summer.

It was so lovely to see everyone, especially Diane, as she is a keen gardener and she was looking forward to going round our garden with me to give me advice in planting, pruning and landscaping, advice I was more than happy to receive.!

But first we enjoyed afternoon tea.  My scones and Empire Biscuits went down well (they are a favourite of Gail and Natalie's.)

The weather was a bit dull and damp as we ate, but it cleared up in time for us to head out to the garden afterwards, and whilst Diane did the rounds with me, the others were able to sit out and enjoy the air and Lola running about like a daftie!  

Diane gave me loads of advice and ideas, and confidence to get certain plants under control.  I shall be out there having a massive tidy up very soon!  She also brought two plants from her garden (an astrantia and....oh heck, I've forgotten what the other one is!  Thankfully she's written it on the pot! lol) so I hope I can get them planted and keep them alive for her next visit!

Everyone headed off just before 6pm apart from Ele who was staying on for dinner.  Caught up with her re. her recent trip to Spain.  All is well with her house out there that she hadn't been able to get to for two years.  Thankfully she was back home before the horrific heatwave took hold.

Ele left just before 10pm.  I settled down to upload my blip and promptly dozed off!  

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