An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Bandy-legged Bee 2...

Thank you for your lovely response to my bandy-legged bee yesterday.  I have grown quite fond of him and I hope you'll forgive me for blipping him again, this time in context rather than just hovering in mid air!

Sensing sleep wouldn't come till the early hours last night, I ended up watching a Royal Photographic Society Distinctions Talk with Robert Friel ARPS.  

Robert was discussing his panel of photographs that earned him his ARPS, all of which were shot through a train window on his way to work and edited on his mobile phone.   

I found his approach interesting as I am shooting and editing on my phone more and more.  He mentioned the apps he used to edit, two of which I already have but the third one I hadn't heard of so I down loaded it and's blip was created (from yesterday's bee and one of my faffed paintings of sunflowers :-)

Tree surgeon arrived this morning to cut back the trees round the Gin Palace and cut down a large conifer that was slowly dying.  He's very kindly cut the wood into small logs and kindling and left the rest as mulch to be spread around the shrub beds.  I'm impressed :-))  What a racket though when he was working.

This afternoon Alan and Ashleigh headed to the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh and David played in a golf medal.  Left in peace I managed to get three paintings finished, one of which was started from scratch.  Very productive.  Just my online Tesco shopping to do now then I will be back for a catch up :-))


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