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By blethers

No-go day

...Or why I'm stuck at home, having been up since 6am in the hope of travelling to Edinburgh for the day. Because we had no intention of staying there overnight (too much to do here) we've taken the decision not to risk getting stuck over the water this evening as the winds show no sign of lessening (rather the reverse) and the snow looks enthusiastic enough to make the alternative drive over the Rest and Be Thankful rather too interesting. The Western Ferries are on Amber alert and the Argyll ferries are, as usual, aff. We can't even see the ferries for the mirk.

So we will not be attending #1 grandchild's end of term service at school, not taking her out to lunch, not seeing her little sister or her parents. Instead, I'm looking out at this view and thinking evil thoughts.

It's at times like this that I seriously consider whether I want to continue living here.

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