Roo has had a comfortable life. Her food is put in front of her twice a day and she is always safe, dry and warm when she goes to bed.

More recently she gets the choice of whether she wants a short walk or not and most days, she has company as I mainly work from home.

I was going to blip some dew covered clover from our short morning walk but she looked so comfy propped up on a pile of cushions beside me that I had to choose her. A friend who said goodbye to her old boy recently has a new puppy and sent me a picture. I hope to meet him soon when he has had his vaccines and often ponder whether I shall look for another furbaby when the time comes.

Today I am not sure that I have the energy.

I have even been lazy in adding pictures to my 'dog journal's and do need to back-blip at some point.

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