By JohnW

Hover Flower Friday

Capturing a hoverfly in flight has eluded me for many years, and today as many shots as I can delete (I only ever keep one or two of my best shots in a day) presented themselves to me.
So our petunias for Flower Friday, complete with hover fly hovering; and hoverfly feeding at extra.
Bit of a catch-up day today.  I finally managed to update our broadband contract with BT.   Follow the links from the email the £2 a month increase becomes a £15 a month increase, and no way of finding the offer.  Gave up waiting on the telephone!!  Finally did an online chat, and no way could it have been better.  Well - cheaper perhaps.
Then to top it off Mrs W managed to find a ‘fall alarm’ watch with the eSIM already set up to use, and with a reasonably priced top-up facility to go with it.  Let’s hope it uses a network that has a decent signal around here. Should be with us by Tuesday.
Gentle day other than that
Many thanks to BikerBear, aka Anni, for hosting Flower Friday.

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