By flavia13


Sis came over this morning to take over and look after Mum for the next few days.  However Mum is so much better now that we have made the hard decision that we have put what we can in place, she has great daily support from her lovely neighbour, Sis will visit once, maybe twice a week Little Bro and Partner will do weekly shopping and visit at least once a week and Hubby & I will visit once a week (instead of our usual fortnightly visit) for the next few weeks to see how things go.  She just now needs to pick up her confidence. 

Left Mum's at about 11:30 and came home via the A6 because the M6 has roadworks for a large part of the two junctions that I need, not great on a Bank Holiday weekend).  Boy was it busy.  The Prom was really busy, but not awful just yet.  At least I kep moving, even if very slowly at times but I got home in much of similar time to normal so that is good.

Now I'm going to chill for the next couple of days.  May venture to Old Park tomorrow, depending how I feel and the weather.

Popped into the front garden and noticed another gladioli has bloomed, a pink one this time and a gorgeous hover fly was really enjoying himself on the gladioli  so that is my blip for the day. I've included an extra so you can see how pretty he is, I just liked the in flight one as I rarely manage to capture one in flight, but not sure wish is the best.

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