By flavia13


My eyes were really bad this morning, but touchwood, they improved this afternoon.

It was C's birthday today, so after a phone call, Hubby and I went over to see Gladders, C and of course Gus.   Arnside was heaving again but we got through reasonably well.  

We had a really pleasant afternoon chatting, drinking coffee and homemade scones and jam - delicious.  Gladder's and C's friend M also turned up with homemade Guiness and dark chocolate cake - scrumptious.  All this was, of course done at a socially distanced space in the garden with a very friendly Robin bombing us every now and the.  Gus enjoyed the attention and of course Just had to play with him - it would have been rude not too.

By the time we came home the traffic was very light and Arnside had quietened down quite a lot, although still quite a few people around.

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