By TheOttawacker

An Inukshuk of Avocados

Wednesday night, three days into an "elimination diet" to see how much of my osteoarthritis is caused by food and how much by genetically being a gimp. It also gives me the perfect excuse to jump on the wagon and lose some weight.

It's not the drinking I miss either: it is the bread. I long for a piece of toast. What I don't long for is the inukshuk of over-ripe avocados I find waiting to be eaten on the stove.

However, they served two purposes: one, they gave me a blip; two, they sparked a bit of life in my brain - for I have created a new collective noun, and you are in on the ground floor. Henceforth, the collective noun for an avocado shall be an "inukshuk of avocados". And if there are two of them, of course, the plural of inukshuk (for the non-Canadians out there) is inuksuit.

You're welcome.

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