By MarilynParker


Quite a lot cooler today and the avenue looks to be turning autumnal. Is it time to pack the fans away? I can't imagine needing them again this year. It felt like rain was coming all day but the washing dried without a hitch and rain never materialised.
After taking Terry to Specsavers, visiting Mum then picking Terry up, I had a fun day of housework and trying to vaccuum upstairs was a pain due to the dyson continually cutting out. Checked for blockages and none found.
Having washed the filter later on, which clearly I've not washed for some time, I think maybe it might work better tomorrow! Fingers crossed.
God knows what the roofer was doing with the ongoing extension next door but our whole house was shaking and things were vibrating on shelves, tables, desks etc. Not good. 

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