Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Motte & Bailey

Year 2 Day 161 of UK COVID-19 Pandemic.  First UK Vaccine 265 days ago.  UK open. Overseas travel with restrictions.

We were up and out early for our friends mum's funeral in Newport, which was in a Welsh Chapel with a bit of the service in Welsh. On leavng we found out that the daughters house move was cancelled (with her belongings on the removal van) as the buyers solicitor had failed last Friday to tell her solicitor that the Money laundering checks had not been done! The buyer of the daughters house was distraught at her solicitors negligence and offered to pay the removal fee. It's hoped the move will go ahead on Thursday and both our daughter and her buyer will make a complaint to The Law Society when it's sorted. Luckily the house the daughter is moving into is empty and the owners are happy to wait another coupld of days!

The blipfoto is an aerial of the Motte & Bailey in Trellech, nr Monmouth, a fifteen minute drive from home. Known as Tump Terrett Castle it dates from about 1066AD. What's interesting is that Trellech was one of the largest towns in the country at one town and is certainly one of the longest continually inhabited in the UK! Another interesting thing is that it has so many different spellings of its name - I think I remember 22!!

W-I-D-E on Wednesday Challenge

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