Marsupium Photography

By magi

what's left


Walk into town for fresh air and essentials. Decided to walk past the old Sick Kids Hospital. The demolition is in full swing and soon a lot will be only memories. Mine are neutral: I remember wandering around trying to find where we needed to go. The place was particularly labyrinthine. The A&E bit is pretty much gone now. It's amazing how insubstantial the newer bits were, and also who the buildings don't really get stripped before demolition. I guess it all ends up in the same landfill site.

I wouldn't so much mind if the redevelopment wasn't commercial and undoubtedly luxury flats. We need to do things differently and people need to be able to afford high quality housing. So why not use a site like this for affordable housing run by the council? I guess that's not how it has been done in the last few decades.

I do wonder what will happen to the Mortuary Chapel and its murals. I missed the opportunity to visit it during one of the Doors Open Days a few years ago.

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