Keith B

By keibr

Running Repairs

For about two years our front doorstep has sagged slightly in the corner between the doorway and the wall. Recently the problem got worse so today I cleared the step and lifted some planks.
I'd assumed I'd find a support that had rotted and hoped it would be easy to replace. However, that was not the problem. The side of the steps nearest the wall (furthest back in this picture) had shifted during the years and that supporting beam had come away from the one under the door. I lifted it up to the right height with a car jack, and bashed it back into position with a sledge hammer!  Crude but effective.
That's when I took this picture. After that I bracketed the two beams together so they couldn't drift apart again, removed the car jack(!), and screwed in an extra prop. Then I replaced the planks and the job was done.
Whoever built the step did a really good job. It must be around 50 years old and it is still really solid.  Now I've repaired the corner it'll be good for another 20 years, longer if we get around to painting or treating the planks.
A very satisfying day!

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