Eat, smoke, love, meow.

By Meowsers

All things can, and will, shine.

This is a glitzed up version of something that is pretty simple. But I liked the Bokeh light and the sharp depth of field, so here we are.

Bex is over at mine tonight and we've been dossing about together for about 4/5 days/nights now. It's my dad's birthday today.

Mum's is on Sunday, I have got her a Call the Midwife DVD for series 1, wrapped up her old fleece that she wanted back from me about 5 months ago (I figured it re-gifting worthy after that amount of time!) But yes I also have some photoframes to fill for her.

Had my PPR today with my main tutor and we caught up which was nice and talked about life and college and bitched about 'problem' class members. I love Catherine she's great.

it is now the 23rd but I figured i'd just do this now before it becomes 5 am, though I doubt i'll last that long i'm exhausted already. If I don't sleep I will continue to eat until I die.

Sat in my Adihash hoodie, feeling like a knob. Almost choked earlier due to laughter and juice, hell it was awful. I couldn't stop laughing to the point where, air stopped, and vomit raised it's ugly head, but then ran back once breath was regained and bladder stopped.

Bloody hell, don't drink tropical juice when intoxicated, it's a recipe for fruity, vommy, toilet needing disaster. Do not say I did not warn you folks.

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