By Viewpoint

Barnsley Transport Inter-change

I had to visit the bank in Barnsley today to get paperwork that would allow us to change one of the signatories on the Tai Chi Account.  I'd decided that I'd also take my camera and try for some more multiple exposure building images, but closer into the city centre.  The bank visit was good, not too busy, so I got that timing right, but she (I) of the soggy brain today couldn't get the settings right in camera, don't ask me why as Ive done it enough over the last few weeks. I was absolutely convinced the camera was faulty - I don't believe that now I've calmed down!  Anyway I did get some abstract images around the Transport Exchange that I'm pleased with.

I had some lunch in the Cooper Gallery Cafe and then decided to head home, even though I'd paid for longer parking.  I think I've found the humid heat quite oppressive today.  I must be doing a bit better now or I wouldn't be typing this! (It's cooler in here.)

I finished a draft of my spoken contribution for Jan's funeral this morning and I'll give it one last read through in the morning before I send it to Joanne.  I also think I'm happy with the Memorial Photocard.  I checked out the price with the printers this morning 80 copies £53.95 and 100 copies £54.95.  They always do a good job and print them on decent quality card.  They've done me three so far and they've all been good.

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