Living in Brabant

By AilsaR

Brief Encounter

I met Regine after work for some grub, and *cough*, a few drinks.

We arranged to meet at the station cafe, Breekxz. The food is good, reasonably priced, and the service is fast and friendly. We chose this corner seat. Seating with a vista it certainly was; offering views of a busy street and rush-hour traffic.
You could almost say it was romantic ;)

This time our arrangements went surprisingly well; a few sms exchanges, and a definite time and place was determined.
Could we be getting efficient I ask myself?
(At this point, I'd like to admit that for a fleeting moment I did feel a pang of nostalgia for our 'where are you?' 'what time did we say again?' texts beforehand).

After our meal we walked into town for a drink or two at our usual bar.
The wind was fierce and cutting, too cold even for us two tough old birds to sit outside, so we sat inside instead, and still had fun ;)

I couldn't recall the beer I'd tried last week, but the lovely waitress did, and remembered me to boot (should I perhaps worry about this?)
Chocolate cake, and a rasperry dessert was also consumed.

Get your hankies out for one of the most romantic railway station film scenes ever*.
I seem to have a bit of grit in my eye....

*IMHO anyway.

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