By dfb24


My son-in-law called his family last week--all on his own--to arrange a surprise birthday party for Mae today, since being a holiday everyone was off of work. His mother lives south of Chicago and it was held there. Jennie drove down earlier with Noelia to help set up, and Mae, Edgar and I drove down a couple hours later. They went all out with tons of food, decorations, a huge cake, a piñata, and a bouncy house for the kids to play in, which was the hit of the party. His mom cooked all the hot food and his sisters brought snacks and desserts. I'd only met his mom and his older sister previously, so today I got to meet assorted nieces, nephews, a cousin, his older brother and his younger sister. They were all so kind and welcoming, and I left with about 5 tupperware containers full of food and a plant that his mom gave me--I hope I don't kill it off!  We didn't leave until 7:30pm--later than we'd wanted since it was a two hour drive home--but it took awhile to pack up her presents & to get her out of the bouncy house. I followed Jennie's car at first but lost it once we were on the expressway--she drives much faster than I do--so it was a good thing my son-in-law rode with me as I don't know the way. I thought for sure Mae would be asleep within 5 minutes of driving but she was too wound up to sleep & talked all the way home. She wanted to know if she was really six today even if her birthday isn't for two more days. I told her that she could have a party any day, but that she wouldn't be 6 until her actual birthday.  
Mae:  Can I have a party tomorrow? 
Me:  No. 
Mae:  Why not? 
Me:   You just had a party today. 
Mae:  You just said I could have one any day.
I had to laugh, as yes, that's exactly what I'd said even though it wasn't what I'd meant. You 'gotta love those quick brains!  :) 

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