By Veronica

Social media bait

See also. We didn't oblige, but here's a soundtrack, one of my favourite songs which can be performed in so many different ways.

Bsckblipping ... what did we do today? Lazy start, then went to visit a possible house that was cheap and had a nice view but was a mountain to climb from town. Plan A was then to lunch at one of the chiringuitos on Playa Cabria, but Almuñecar in summer mode means you can't just rock up to your favourite places and expect to get a table. We got there at 1 pm and the waiter told us we'd need to wait till at least 3 pm. We ended up at the Indian restaurant, which we do like (best naans ever) and which is never crowded. 

In the evening we went to the open-air cinema, which  not surprisingly has never been operating when we've been here in winter. It's clearly a relic from the 70s. The screen is just a large white-painted wall, facing an open space with plastic chairs for a hundred, and six actual spectators. Bizarrely it's been divided in two down the middle, with a breezeblock wall, so they can show two films simultaneously. This didn't seem like it would work well, but surprisingly the noise from the kids' animation next door was just a low rumble in quiet bits of the film we saw, which was La Boda de Rosa (Rosa's Wedding). An easy-going, feelgood film perfect for summer watching.

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