By Veronica

Just a normal Wednesday ...

A street scene in Almuñecar.

Exciting day! After the usual Andalusian breakfast, we started with a couple of hours lounging on the beach at la Playa de los Muertos (with a quick swim). Then we headed back to the hotel for a shower and freshen up before meeting our former Almuñecar neighbours B and C for lunch at Sabina's. We haven't seen them since June 2020; it was lovely to see them looking well and to catch up with their news. Once B gets started on his stories, there's no stopping him ... we sat down for lunch at 1:45 and eventually left at close to 5 pm.

Another quick turnaround at the hotel and we met Amador the estate agent for  house viewing. It was love at first sight ... all our reservations about the location flew out of the window immediately. "We'll take it!" we cried, omitting to ask various vital questions that we thought of later. 

We were so excited that I didn't take a single photo of this place that Monsieur Mystère will undoubtedly love and which is big enough for visitors. So you'll just have to wait till January for those, assuming all i's are dotted and t's crossed. Instead you get the alleyway in which the temple of fried fish La Bodeguita is situated ... just a normal Wednesday evening in Almuñecar. We had two glasses of wine each and a pile of fried fish; total bill 10.80 euros. More socialising is planned for the rest of the week. 

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