Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Condolence Service

G had a later start today which was NICE. It was also only for an hour. I took my laptop with me but ended up in a garage in Al Quoz. The a/c is not cooling well, and that is something quite critical whilst it is still so hot.

I was told that the compressor has to be replaced and the entire cooling system needs to be flushed. Not good news but the fact that I wasn't charged for the diagnosis made it better. (The first garage I phoned wanted £50 just to take a look.)

I picked G up and we drove straight to Wafi. We were both hungry by this time, so we went straight to the food court. Tummies filled, we went to Wafi Gourmet for their specialities. I want to send goodies from this part of the world to my cousins in Germany. We had a very nice shop assistant helping us with the possibilities!

It was after 2 pm when we got home. G had a call with one of her parents at 3 pm. It was the dreaded call that had stressed her out a few evenings ago. She came off the call feeling more settled.

We had a Condolence (Memorial) Service to attend in the evening. The husband of one of G's ex-colleagues succumbed to COVID after months of being on a ventilator. It is the first COVID memorial service we've been to. It was very sombre and well put together.

We wanted to have a drive and meal out (as we were already out and dressed) but ended up heading home EXCEPT, something was going on. Every single road leading to Karama had a massive backlog. It was ridiculous. A simple fifteen-minute journey ended up taking an hour and a half. I've never seen Karama gridlocked the way it was today!

GK over and out.

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