Kendall is here

By kendallishere

This is what 95 looks like

Margie turned 95 yesterday. Today the smoke and ash had blown away overnight, and I took her out to Sauvie Island in Sue's car. She was ecstatic. 

"I know it's getting time for me to go, already," she laughed, "but this makes me want to stay. It's all so wonderful!" I was making a photo of her, and suddenly, spontaneously, she lifted her arms as if to embrace it all. Later we came to a field with a few random sunflowers, and she insisted we get out of the car. "Just a few steps on the earth," she said. And then, "Let me make one of you. You go on out there, further, further. Don't fall! There. Now, I'm making one of you."

"OK," I said, "and I'm going to make your gesture!" (Extra)

We laughed all the way home. She had her third vaccine yesterday.

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