By spannarama


Spent a large portion of my morning trying to work out the logistics of getting my Mum from Somerset to my cousin's funeral in Essex next week.  My poor nephew had another seizure last night, so my sister has decided it's best if she stays home for him - so my brother and I were trying to work out the best way of getting our Mum there and back.  After talking to my brother, I started researching hotels with ceiling hoists, with a view to breaking the journey up overnight - but then my Mum made the (actually very sensible) decision that she wouldn't go after all.  It's a shame, but I think it's for the best - it was going to be such a long day and long journey for her.

In other news, a mysterious collection of peas appeared in the washing machine door seal when Tim was washing all our pyjamas.  He thinks I've been snacking on them in my sleep.  I think it's more likely I dropped a load of frozen peas while cooking dinner last night....

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