By sebrose

Bad day

It’s an early start to get Megan to Waverley for an appointment in Glasgow. That goes well enough, but then things start to go downhill.

I’m all set up in my car office for a session with a new team, but half of them are on holiday or ill. We decide to reschedule. Not such a bad situation really.

The dentist appointment is depressing. I was expecting a suggestion for how to fill the huge hill that has been vacant since the beginning of lockdown. The dentist recommend root canal and crown. Not fun.

When I get back to the car, the orange warning lights are on again. I make it to Stockbridge to buy cheese, but the car is clearly unhappy. This time a new engine management warning light comes on and the engine cuts out. I start it again. It cuts out again. I coast into a parking space on Dean Terrace and call the breakdown people. This could be the end of the car.

It’s humid and sunny. I walk up to Princes Street and get the bus to Portobello. I have an hour before Em gets back from work, so I park myself on the beach and stare out to sea. Breathe deeply. (Extra photo)

A coffee at Plassey’s and the day begins to look up. Ang is already at Em’s. Ailsa arrives soon after - having been relieved of her neighbour’s mad dog. The fish pie goes in the oven.

It’s quite entertaining watching other people get drunk. I’m having a dry month so I get that experience tonight. We don’t play many hands of bridge before I declare that it’s time for cheese - effectively ending cards for the night.

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