By dfb24

Grass Spider...

...also known as a funnel web spider because it creates a cave-like web and hides in the back of it, building it most often in grass, but also in low growing shrubs or in this case, on our grill. They're really fast movers and they grab their prey and drag them into the funnel of the web, where they'll eat it at their leisure. I read that they're often mistaken for a Wolf spider because they have similar markings on their backs, but their abdomens are different. I stood WAY back, just in case, as how can you tell from this angle what their abdomens look like, & I wasn't about to try to pick it up and flip it over! (major shudder!)  The grass spiders are unlikely to bite, but the Wolf spiders are venomous--not poisonous--so its bite is not deadly to humans but it will hurt for awhile if you get bitten. Tom got bit on the ankle by a brown recluse spider that was apparently living near the foot pedal on his motorcycle, back in 2017. He got bit when he was going to take the motorcycle out for a ride. I was gone on a blipmeet/photography trip with two fellow blippers at the time, and he "didn't want to bother me since I was on vacation". He not only didn't tell me but he didn't go to urgent care either, & suffered extreme swelling at the site, nausea, fever, redness in the ankle and the formation of a big open "crater" in the center of the wound where the bite was. It was better by the time I got home, but still open and draining. If he hadn't been in such pain for the couple of weeks I was gone, I would have killed him myself for not going to urgent care right away!!  Typical male--wants to "tough it out".  It's why I give spiders a wide berth--because mostly I don't know one from another--& I don't want to take any chances.  :)

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