By dfb24


It's been cloudy most of the day, with thunderstorms expected later this afternoon. The sun did peek through for about 15 minutes while I was out walking with my camera, which is when I saw these pretty cosmos. Although some of them had faded away, there were still a few that were beautiful. Tom had his weekly chat with his oncologist who's giving him another week off before restarting his chemo, at a greatly reduced dose, so hoping it goes better this time. I picked up a book at the library after calling to see if I needed to have them pull it for me or if they were letting people inside, and I could go inside as long as I was masked. I'm looking forward to starting it this evening. Thanks to Anni for hosting FlowerFridays, and hope you all have a great weekend. For those of you on the West Coast, stay safe, and we're praying for all of you! 

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