By dfb24


...the Tiny Lumber Factory, which I was invited to tour today. The tinies were all hard at work, some repairing the giant ban saw and some bringing in more wood for later use. I was quite impressed with the whole process although there was an awful lot of sawdust covering everything--I think they need a good cleaning crew too! :))  Big thanks to Hanulli for her tiny people challenge. 
We in the U.S. will never forget what happened 18 years ago today, when the World Trade Center was attacked. I watched a story on Good Morning America today about the soon-to-be-graduating class of New York City Firefighters. It includes 15 men and 1 woman whose fathers were Firefighters and died as a result of the attacks--14 of their fathers died on 9-11 & 2 died later as a result of 9-11 related illnesses. It was an uplifting story of young people honoring their fathers & picking up the mantle of service to others in spite of the dangers. They certainly have my respect and gratitude, & I pray that God will bless them, watch over them and keep them safe as they start their careers.

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