By dfb24

"Complementary Colors"...

...todays' theme for Abstract Thursday. This is right out of my phone without any filters or adjustments. As you can tell, it's been raining a lot (wish I could send some of it to those of you in the West to help put out the fires) & when I was waiting for Tom as he was having his blood drawn, I looked out of the side window of my car, and this is what I saw...bushes & grass along the edge of the parking lot as seen through the rain drops. I think all the varying shades of green are extremely complementary. All's well with his labs today, although I'm thinking by Monday when he next has blood work, he'll need another unit of blood. He finally has a few white blood cells and a few neutrophils--the "infection fighting cells". They are still abnormally LOW, but at least he has some, so the values are moving in the right direction. Thanks to all of you that have been praying for him, and please keep it up, as I know it helps! And thanks to Ingeborg for hosting AT's!

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