By dfb24

Aspen Leaves

I went and spent some time with my granddaughters today, as the kids had errands to run. Noelia was an angel, & Mae & I had a lovely time playing with the "LOL Surprise Dolls" that Mae had gotten for her birthday. The "surprise", says Mae,  is that you shine a special light (included with the dolls) on the doll, and hidden things, like tattoos and freckles show up. (In MY mind, the surprise is that anyone would WANT to play with them, as they're a bit harsh with all the hair, makeup, and rocker style clothes. I mean, come on....doll Tattoos??? What ever happened to having a nice Barbie doll? LOL.)  But I DID have fun with them both.  I picked up these Aspen leaves on my walk yesterday. I love their heart shapes, so played around with them for my blip today. These are for all of you located on the West Coast facing deplorable conditions from the fires, because our hearts are with you! 

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