By Tryfan46

Gently Silly Saturday

A morning on housekeeping duties, Susan cleaning me preparing Sunday evening’s dinner and tonight’s meal.

We didn’t miss much as it was cloudy and grey until after lunch. We drove to Wrotham for a walk to Trottiscliffe and back along the North Downs and Pilgrims Ways.

I was Head of Humanities at Wrotham Secondary School from 1983 to 1988 and have hardly been back in the village since. All those kids will now be in their mid to late 40s! Lovely village still.

For non-Kentish people there are many local place names which catch out the uninitiated. Try Wrotham, (Rootham) Trottiscliffe (Trosley, yes, I know) Meopham (Mepham) and West Malling (Mauling) to name just a few.

Im sure your patch has just as many interesting pronunciations!

The weather stone is in remembrance of Admirer. Another significant date as well 9/11, twenty years ago. It is one of those events that I do remember where I was and what I was doing.

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