By WharfedaleBex

Canary Mark II

...So that all depends.  

Given I found another canary-shouldered thorn moth near the door, it should be blipped given it was thwarted the other day. But...

After we had a walk down to the village and along to Esk Valley (stopping for bacon butties & tea before the hill home), we sat in the garden for the afternoon. 

Something flew by! 

Ahead of it were six or seven squawking woodpigeons so I was ready for something.

Now, I hoped it was a merlin (too small, wrong pattern) and then thought a juvenile sparrowhawk (didn't look quite right) - but I've now done a lot of digging around and was surprised to find it may well be a juvenile goshawk. Given I've never seen a goshawk and don't see many sparrowhawks, this is not easy. 

These are the images I used to try to work it out so if you have any ideas, let me know!  ispotnature views were mixed from two people - one who didn't think it was and one who thought it could be - although at the time, it was a photo from the back of my camera.  

UPDATE: I've had confirmation - it IS a goshawk - so pleased :))

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