La vida de Annie

By Annie


Another EFB from the garden, a passion flower on another of the cheap Lidl deals a few months ago. It's unpredictable: despite my ability to kill any plant in a short space of time, some of these bargains do flourish. Many however die within days. Today we had a cracking thunderstorm and dark skies much of the day. The dogs were not impressed and I was waiting for the usual powercut but this didn't happen luckily. Found a large tortoise by the car, very muddy and a bit scraped and flattened as if he'd been run over, but seeming healthy enough and very fast moving - the dogs chased him and snapped at his chunky legs and enormous head. I gave him a wash in the sink and put him in the garden with the others. If he gets into an alpha-male tussle with Errol he may have to be released onto some wasteland somewhere. They can be very vicious when fighting. The last time we had a second male (Vinny) he was so aggressive he had to be kept away from the others, and then started biting the dogs and our feet instead. We then sent him on his way to wreak havoc elsewhere.

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