Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


A week ago there were at least a half dozen hummingbirds zooming around the garden - today there were two, maybe three.  And soon, there will be none.  And I, along with many other blippers in the northeast, will miss them.  Our gardens will seem quieter, less lively.  And we will count the months before we see the first burst of vibrant red gorget in our gardens once again.

I would usually have rejected this image because the whites on the wings are totally blown.  That said, I kind of like that the wings are mostly gone, even having shot this at 1/1000.  

Hubs and I were up very early this morning in order to drive about 40 minutes to drop his Camaro off for some trans work.  I was still tired when we got home, so after breakfast, I took a nap.  There is no doubt that the anti-hormone drugs are wreaking havoc with my energy.  The question is whether it will improve with time.  My family doctor suggested a return visit to the oncologist to discuss this as well as the continued pain in my hands and wrists. He said that she (oncologist) may be able to change my dosage or change drugs. Its discouraging because I had absolutely no side effects at all for the first few months and was feeling very smug.  And now I can't even pull a weed out of the damned garden.  And yes, I am feeling a dose of self pity.  Which I won't allow myself to continue.  

Tomorrow I go for blood work, ordered by my doctor when I saw him Friday.  In addition to a full panel, he's asked to run tests to see if I have been vaccinated in the past for Hep A and B, both recommended for travel to Columbia.  Once I have that info, I will make an appointment to get several jabs, including possibly for yellow fever and malaria.  

Beautiful weather today.  I released Monarch #25 today in memory of a fellow Blipper's friend, Frank who lost his life to Covid this year.   Looks like two more butterflies will probably arrive tomorrow - let me know if you want me to remember someone.  About another 10 still left.

Back the almonds with coconut and dark chocolate today.


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