More dead than alive

I cycled through the rain to the Mass Vaccination Centre this morning and arrived wet but pleased that my garden would also be wet. That was the best bit of my shift. 

Very few people are coming for vaccinations now and honestly, I don't think they needed me. I was bored. 'Bored' and 'me' don't combine well. I got very irritated by minor things people were doing which made other people's jobs less efficient and which contributed to the NHS's eye-watering plastic waste mountain. I also had a minor run-in with the Centre Manager over whether the water bottles should be kept on the floor or stored on the trolley. Apparently they can be kept on the floor in the pharmacy because that's a storage area but they must not be kept on the floor at the edge of the waiting hall because that's a clinical area. 

Briefly I forgot that I'm a mere volunteer, not an intelligent, efficient human being but at least I had the wit not to ask whether this was a germ issue or a perception issue. (A few weeks ago, when I pointed out that nurses were spending hours folding out-of-date leaflets to give out to people having vaccinations, and offered to clear the shelves of those leaflets so that the same mistake wouldn't happen in the future, I was the opposite.)

At least when I got home I only had to change into dry socks and not water the garden.

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