Off for a tour

A busy day taking my mom around for sightseeing and then having dinner with dad and his American colleagues.

Woke up at 4 am, and went to the Tsukiji Fish Market to take a look at the busy morning. So many vehicles just going everywhere. It was funny a car's side mirror hit me (softly) and the driver complained to me that I was in his way! Also enjoyed a fresh sushi breakfast where the fish (obviously) comes directly from the fish market.

11 am, here I am now in Shinbashi Enbujo Theater (the photo is the entrance), watching Kabuki which may be something close to an opera in the western world. Interesting music and actions. I also noticed English translators which may help foreigners to understand the story.

3 pm. At Ueno and Chidorigafuchi Parks to see how beautiful the cherry blossoms are now in Tokyo.

6 pm. A little bit of bowling.

8pm. Drinks with dad's colleagues. Great his boss liked my choice of the restaurant! It's a blend of Japanese and French, and he told me he had one of the best meals he ever had in Japan with a reasonable price. I'll keep it on my list for future visitors.

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