Back to Millbrook Resort ...

..... ..... ..... to look for a favourite neck sock I thought I might have left at the Café. No luck unfortunately.

13 new Covid-19 Delta cases today. We’re slowly making progress, downwards. Our vaccinations are increasing. A matter for vast relief is that our death rate stays stable at 26.

Several blippers yesterday commented on an Alaskan trip I’d alluded to. So, I thought I’d mention another one, also to Alaska. This 2nd trip also involved driving up the Dalton Highway to Deadhorse, and then flying to Barter Island. Getting to Barter was fine but flying back at 9:15pm, 2 days later than planned, because of atrocious Arctic weather, is another story. We’d gone to photograph polar bears, successfully too. There were 25 in one encounter, climbing all over heaped up piles of whale bones. See Extras!

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