By seizetheday

Lichen and leaves...

...on an ancient bench in Happy Valley, where we  had a short stroll this evening.

A couple of hours in Jacqui's garden this morning, making the most of the sunshine, drinking coffee, putting the world to rights, and watching five buzzards soaring in the thermals. Just what the doctor ordered!

After lunch tackled lots of little jobs, each essential but frustratingly time-consuming. The afternoon just disappeared!

Meanwhile, MrM was doing some "outdoor jobs". He mentioned sorting out some guttering, but not stripping the paint off the gate, which is what he started. It also involved removing the letter box, which now can't be replaced until we acquire a new one. Aaargh!

Two text messages 'landed' this evening. One from UK_Gov informing me that "Your antibody test kit (the one that I received and returned yesterday) arrives in 2 to 3 days". The second from NHS  - "Antibodies were found in your blood sample". UK_Gov really needs to get its act together...

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